About Us

FITZ-RITE has been manufacturing CAT V-Flange tool holders and retention knobs for over 35 years right here in the U.S.A.  Our holders are made from mill-certified, hardened alloy steel, on the latest CNC equipment available in our industry.

All FITZ-RITE holders are manufactured for continuous optimum performance. Our tapers are ground to internal standards that exceed current industry standards. Our bores and cavities are guaranteed to be concentric to the taper with .0002". Precision grinding assures superior spindle contact and enhanced ability to hold tight limits on your machining center. Custom balancing is available for high-speed applications.

One other very important feature is the price of our tooling. By continuously improving our costs of production with new technologies and equipment, we are able to provide the highest quality available at price levels that you will find extremely attractive.

We know that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer. We want to be easy to deal with. An open account can often be established within a matter of minutes so that your order can be processed immediately. It is our intention to stock all of the items on the following pages and to be able to ship any of them within 24 hours.

We will work with you on "packages" for new machines and turn around a "special" holder or retention knob requirement in a short period of time at an attractive price.

Contact us today with your order or inquiry so that you can begin enjoying the highest quality available at a price you can afford.

Factory Direct Phone  (800) 835-2643             Fax  (248) 528-1581

1122 Naughton Troy, Michigan 48083